8 Chifley reflected in the opposite building

Innovative and sustainable design

Australia’s first Richard Rogers building, 8 Chifley, is one of Sydney’s greenest buildings.

8 Chifley
Airport Link at dusk ©Ashley Roach

City shaping infrastructure

Ground-breaking on so many levels, this project delivers an economic and social legacy for the broader Brisbane community.

Brisbane Airport Link
Aerial view of Webb Dock

Growth to meet demand

As Australia‘s largest container and general cargo port, the Port of Melbourne is of great importance to the Victorian and national economy.

Port of Melbourne Webb Dock Redevelopment
Communal green area ©Angus Martin

Sustainability showcase

Australia’s greenest educational building and the first carbon neutral building in Australia.

Global Change Institute

Smart ideas with a social purpose

Arup came to Australia in 1963 to undertake the structural design of the Sydney Opera House and we now work from seven offices across four key areas of influence: cities, connectivity, health, resources. Our desire to shape a better world ensures our clients receive smart design ideas with a social purpose, which will have a positive influence for current and future generations. We recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and history of our region, and Arup's Indigenous Employment Strategy (PDF, 3MB) articulates our actions to broaden employment opportunities for Indigenous Australians into, and within, the firm.




  • 20Jul 2016

    Australian Water Survey launched

    “For many Australians, water is only a topic talked about during a drought or a flood. It’s usually something only brought up in conversation when water is contaminated or supply is low. Water is something we use every single day for many aspects of our lives, so why don’t we think about the importance of it more often? How confident can we be that all Australians will have water security in the future and how confident can the community be that the government will ensure water security for all Australians in the future?”

  • 11Jul 2016

    Australasia Process Leader joins Melbourne office

    With over 23 years’ experience in the water industry, including significant roles on the Victorian Desalination Plant, with a production capacity of 150 billion litres of water a year, and the Perth Desalination Plant, which produces 45 billion litres of fresh drinking water each year.

  • 23Jun 2016

    New pillar of sustainability opens in Sydney

    The tower features Australia’s first closed-cavity façade, and its innovative timber blinds create a distinctive golden landmark amongst the city’s concrete and steel backdrop.

  • 20Jun 2016

    Arup boosts leadership diversity with new appointments

    Based in Melbourne, Finola Reid is the Education Leader for Arup in Australasia. An acoustic specialist by background, Finola leads multidisciplinary design teams on some of Arup’s more complex projects in the education and arts sectors. A passionate advocate of creative and integrated design solutions, Finola continues to distinguish herself as an innovative and creative partner to our education clients.