We recognise that addressing climate change, nature loss and finite resources are fundamental to achieve an equitable, sustainable, and resilient future for all. We seek to accelerate the transition to a net zero carbon economy, restore nature and live within planetary boundaries. 

  • Strive to accelerate the transition to a net zero carbon economy and safeguard nature - land, water, oceans, air, and biodiversity – through our operations, services, and influence. 
  • Identify and proactively manage our environmental impacts to address climate change, restore and protect the environment, and prevent pollution of air, water, and soil. 
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with global commitments, whilst addressing the impacts of climate change. 
  • Protect, restore, and promote sustainable use of ecosystems and strive to reduce degradation of natural habitats and preserve biodiversity. 
  • Achieve sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources. 
We will: 
  • Collaborate with our clients and our stakeholders with the aim of significantly reducing carbon, and conserving nature on our projects. 
  • Work with our clients and our stakeholders to identify and manage climate and nature risks and opportunities affecting their business and organisation. 
  • Adopt a consistent whole life cycle approach to assessing and managing carbon on our projects. 
  • Decline energy commissions that support the extraction, refinement, or transportation of fossil fuels except the manufacture of hydrogen. 
  • Achieve net zero carbon emissions in our operations as set out in our Net Zero GHG Emissions Statement. 
  • Invest in research, learning and partnerships to address knowledge gaps, and pioneer and promote scaleable solutions to environmental challenges. 
  • Advocate for changes to policy, regulations, standards, and practice that accelerate transition to a net zero carbon and nature positive future.
  • Continually improve our environmental performance through our management system certified to ISO14001. 

This Policy is set by the Group Board and implemented across all Arup operations through rules, procedures, training and guidance. It is reviewed and approved annually, or more frequently if appropriate. 

The Environment Director acts for Arup in ensuring that plans are developed and implemented to enable us to reach the aims set out in this policy while fulfilling applicable legal regulatory and other requirements.


Environmental Policy