Wind turbines power electricity generators in Antwerp port on sunset. Credit: Shutterstock; Wind turbines power electricity generators in Antwerp port on sunset. Credit: Shutterstock;

Ports enabling the energy transition

Ports have a vital role in the construction, operation and maintenance of marine energy systems essential to our net zero future. From fixed and floating offshore wind to tidal and wave power generation, ports are critical supply chain hubs essential to their development. Realising these shared climate goals requires timely investment in port facilities – with huge benefits for local communities.

Maritime clients gain our parallel expertise in global offshore wind energy, from acquisitions through technical and engineering studies. We have supported the design of over 30GW of offshore wind projects throughout the lifecycle, making us experts in the port infrastructure requirements, which are always shaped by local geographies and energy markets.

We work with a range of offshore wind clients, including developers, investors, national and state government, industry operators, port authorities and contractors. Our experience spans major strategic port development opportunities within the evolving offshore wind context, as well as having the critical technical specialists to cover the development needs from port infrastructure master planning to detailed design, procurement and construction.

Beyond wind power, a net zero, affordable and secure global energy system will also see a growth in the maritime transport of low carbon fuels and captured carbon. These products can be challenging to handle in a safe and efficient manner, requiring specialist infrastructure that is appropriately integrated with the wider port environment.

We bring together our technical, commercial and sustainability skills across ports, energy and shipping to shape infrastructure concepts and designs for the transport of liquid products of the future. We understand that consenting and construction of maritime import/export infrastructure can be on the critical path energy developments, and bring together our global and local knowledge to reduce associated risks.

Featured project

Australian Offshore Wind Market Supply Chain Assessment and Gap Analysis

Leveraging the UK's expertise as the second-largest offshore wind market, we worked with the UK Government to analyse opportunities for Australia and the UK to work together and created a report with our findings. Our energy and supply chain specialists analysed Australia’s existing capabilities, potential gaps, and barriers to UK industry participation. The analysis aims to promote understanding and strategic development, ensuring both nations can harness the potential of this growing sector.

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