Ove Arup and friends; Ove Arup and friends;

Our aims and values underpin everything we do

Arup is an independent firm of designers, planners, engineers, architects, consultants and technical specialists, working across every aspect of today’s built environment. Together we help our clients solve their most complex challenges – turning exciting ideas into tangible reality as we strive to find a better way and shape a better world.

Engineering the world

Arup made its name in the twentieth century as the designer and engineer behind some of the world’s most ambitious structures. That creative strength and independence of mind continues to guide us. Today, Arup employs more than 14,000 people, in more than 34 countries – in a culture underpinned by Sir Ove Arup’s aims and values.

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If the right kind of people feel at home with us, they will bring in other people of their kind, and this again will attract a good type of client and this will make our work more interesting and rewarding and we will turn out better work, our reputation and influence will grow, and the enthusiasm of our members will grow - it is this enthusiasm which must start the process in the first place. ” Ove Arup Sir Ove Arup Founder

Legacy and values

Arup was founded in 1946 by Ove Arup, a gifted engineer-philosopher with an original and restless mind. Arup is an independent firm, owned in trust for its members, still guided by its founder’s spirit and principles. We choose work where we can make a real difference in the world, stretch the boundaries of what is possible, delight our clients and achieve socially valuable outcomes.


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Arup was founded on the belief that the built environment can change people’s lives for the better. Every day, everywhere, we strive to meet this aim – helping clients solve their biggest challenges by harnessing our diverse skills and constantly expanding what’s technically possible.


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Social usefulness

Arup has always recognised that great design includes a responsibility to the future. We help clients across the world to become more sustainable, while investing in research that can improve our own industry’s environmental impact. We also support our people in a wide variety of community activities – building schools, bridges and all kinds of infrastructure in areas of the world that need it most.


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