Rendering of Texas High-Speed Rail; Rendering of Texas High-Speed Rail;

Texas Central High-Speed Train, Dallas-Houston, Texas

This high-speed train will transport thousands of passengers a day between Dallas and Houston in less than half the time

The journey between Houston and Dallas takes four to five hours by car or requires a visit to the airport. The same trip will eventually take 90 minutes or less – thanks to the Texas Central High-Speed Train. This state-of-the-art private rail line will connect America’s fourth and fifth largest metropolitan areas and represent the first completed high-speed rail line in North America.

Once finished, the train will transport thousands of passengers a day between Dallas and Houston, providing safe and reliable public transportation while spurring economic collaboration between the two cities.

Arup began work on the project in 2011 studying route alternatives and potential fatal flaws that would prevent system development. As Owner’s Engineer, we were tasked with developing and optimizing alternative alignments, developing performance and technical criteria, leading the conceptual design, and providing multidisciplinary services including structural, geotechnical, rail, and civil engineering. Arup is supporting the project with planning and management skills to secure regulatory approvals from the Federal Railroad Administration, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Additionally, we are supporting with technical information used for outreach to important stakeholders such as the counties through which the project passes, the Texas Department of Transportation, City of Houston, and City of Dallas, to name a few.

Project Summary

236miles of rail line

186+mphtravel speed

90minutesmaximum travel time

To lessen the environmental impact and reduce costs, Arup proposed using existing transportation and utility corridors as much as possible when selecting potential routes. The rail line will align and interact with existing transportation systems, including highways, railroads, and utility corridors. Once the project has finalized its regulatory approval process, construction will be underway.

This high-speed train project was recently named one of the top strategic infrastructure projects in the world by CG/LA Infrastructure.