Governments view forest enhancement as a key part of emissions mitigation strategies, as trees absorb carbon during growth. Timber is more environmentally friendly to produce, transport, and assemble than steel and concrete. Innovations like CLT and advancements in manufacturing enhance its appeal for office construction. 

Engineered woods like CLT and glulam hold significant potential. For Sky’s Believe in Better Building, we utilized a glulam timber frame with CLT slabs, creating the UK's first 4-storey open-plan timber office. Wood construction offers rapid completion, with this project delivered in under a year. 

HAUT stands tall at 21 floors, making it one of the tallest timber-hybrid buildings in the world. With over 2000m3 of timber used, HAUT achieves 50% reduction in comparison to conventional buildings. The floors feature a structural build-up of 16cm cross-laminated timber with an 8cm concrete top layer. The choice of a hybrid floor plate brought great advantages in terms of footfall performance, acoustical performance, construction sequence, and detailing.