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We develop software to match the exacting demands of the world’s leading designers.

We develop software to match the exacting demands of the world’s leading designers.

Arup began developing its own software more than 40 years ago in response to our evolving challenges. Today, our software house Oasys brings relevant, flexible tools to organisations worldwide.

Oasys Ltd leads the field in structural, geotechnical, crowd simulation and document management solutions. Its programs are used across 200 countries, by leading designers, planners, engineers and architects and by numerous universities across the globe.

Powerful tools

For the analysis behind high-performance structures, designers depend on sophisticated, customisable tools. They also need to communicate complex information to clients, collaborators and stakeholders through accessible but compelling visualisations.

Oasys’ structural software programs answer these demands. They support the design process from the initial concept to the finest detail, from tall buildings and rail bridges to the analysis and design of columns and beams and sections under load.

Programs such as GSA have helped engineers to realise landmark projects worldwide, from the Beijing National Aquatics Center (Water Cube) to the CCTV Building, China. GSA’s advanced features such as footfall analysis, form finding and fabric analysis makes this a comprehensive design and analysis tool for any structure.

Oasys’ geotechnical software solutions provide engineers with the tools to tackle the most complex of projects, whether that be for retaining walls, slope stability analysis, piling & foundations or tunnelling, excavations and ground movement. Oasys software has been instrumental when tackling some of the world’s most complicated geotechnical issues, providing a safe and effective solution for projects such as Crossrail, The Pinnacle and the Emirates Pearl tower, Abu Dhabi.

Crowd Simulation

With the increasing importance of BIM, Oasys’ pedestrian and crowd simulation tools make designs safer and more efficient. Predict how pedestrians will interact within any environment, which includes rail stations, airport terminals, stadiums, office buildings, shopping plazas and urban design.

MassMotion and Flow are also instrumental when looking at evacuation procedures, testing building performance and showing these results in a range of graphical and tabular outputs.

Email and document management

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