Our designers are particularly skilled in developing solutions that allow residential units to fit within mixed-use projects. Our projects such as Central St Giles in London or Bolands Quay in Dublin are designed for cost-effective construction and operation, while maintaining comfort and ease-of-use for residents. 

From tall residential high rise such as Opus Hong Kong to modular units or 3D-printed houses, Arup teams have proven capacity to provide the innovative planning solutions necessary to conceive and realise complex residential projects. Key services range from pre-feasibility economic and environmental studies to masterplanning; from geotechnical investigation, site remediation, structural and building services design, to specialised acoustics, building physics and wind engineering. 

In crowded cities, Arup adapts existing building stock to meet changing needs. Our research specialists have helped policymakers to understand the technical options for retrofitting existing homes to cope with climate change. We are also skilled in retrofit and refurbishments of a variety of scale and typologies, such as transforming the BBC’s former HQ into modern homes, turning diplomatic offices into residences at 1 Grosvenor Square in London.