AI-powered thermal imaging tool for temperature screening

Mark Chen© Arup Mark Chen Associate,Hong Kong
26 May 2020

Arup is supporting organisations’ safe and efficient return to normal operations with its newly developed thermal imaging tool that detects high body temperatures to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

A high temperature is one of the first symptoms of COVID-19, so during the transition period to normality, quick and accurate body temperature screening in public or commercial environments is clearly vital.

In response, Arup has developed a fast, non-invasive and reliable means of thermal screening to safeguard buildings and premises. With our bespoke AI technology embedded within a thermal imaging camera, the tool can identify those with a high temperature and detect potential cases of coronavirus.

Highly smart, best value

To cope with challenges to perform large-scale mass temperature screening at speed, this system can identify elevated human body temperatures remotely, quickly and efficiently even in busy crowds. It reduces the need for performing slow, manual checks in venues, a process which usually leads to long queues and gathering of people.

Thermal Imaging Camera 2 Thermal Imaging Camera 2
AI-powered thermal imaging for temperature screening.

A market-leading level of accuracy

Leveraging on an optimised algorithm for fever detection by automated and frequent recalibration procedures, our highly smart thermal imaging camera can precisely measure forehead temperature for individuals wearing any kinds of headgear and locating up to 3m from the thermal camera relied upon its distance analytics capabilities.

Status reports as well as real-time images and updates regarding the rate of people flow and number of persons with fever detected are generated in less than one second via computer dashboard. Audible alarms will automatically go off when certain temperature threshold is exceeded.

Easy to deploy and operate

Designed with flexibility to host multiple cameras, our system allows operators to monitor the visual map of skin temperatures using infrared thermography in various detection zones in real time from a single command centre.

Currently deployed as a checkpoint at the entrance of a number of government buildings and office lobbies, our solution brings a cost-effective means and multiple benefits to building operators and safeguard clients’ premises at ease, at speed and at scale.

Thermal Imaging Camera 1 Thermal Imaging Camera 1
Steps to operate the thermal camera

The AI solution is part of Arup’s in-house developed Neuron system – a central platform enabled by IoT and AI that analyses real-time data from a building’s different systems to provide performance insight.

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