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Arup and C40 to tackle climate change through $1million pledge

Charlotte S Charlotte Fernández UKIMEA Press Office,Leeds
24 June 2015

Arup and the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (C40) have announced the formation of a collaborative global partnership.

Over the next three years, Arup will invest $1 million into research through the partnership with C40, to offer cities increased insight to accelerate action on global climate change. Through the development and delivery of this rigorous research, Arup-C40 will help to improve the measurement, management and strategic planning of climate action in cities.

Climate change is clearly one of the major challenges facing the world today and with unprecedented rates of urbanisation and development, our cities are becoming increasingly important in meeting that challenge. We believe that by sharing best practice and working together, the world’s cities can make a real difference and we’ve long admired the work undertaken by the C40 to bring city leaders together to aid this effort. That’s why we’re extremely pleased to donate $1 million of consultancy services to support this excellent programme.

The threat from global climate change is a reality and, as leaders, we have a duty to tackle one of the most prominent challenges facing the modern world.

As innovators and practitioners, our cities are at the forefront of this issue so it’s essential that we combine our networks, knowledge and technical expertise, so that we can truly make an impact on reducing global emissions. ” Greg Hodkinson Gregory Hodkinson Former Chair of Arup Group

This partnership builds upon an existing successful relationship with Arup, which has produced some of the most valuable research and resources on climate change action to-date, and we look forward to continuing our work together. ” Eduardo Paes C40 Chair and Mayor of Rio de Janeiro

Arup has worked with C40 since 2009, to develop strategic pieces of research that are central to progressing an understanding of how cities contribute to global climate change mitigation and adaptation. 

Climate Action in Megacities (CAM) and the follow up study, Climate Action in Megacities 2.0 (CAM2.0), are comprehensive surveys of C40 member cities to analyse the range of concrete actions that cities are implementing to tackle climate change. For these two reports, Arup, in collaboration with C40, designed and analysed one of the largest datasets developed on city action, such as new public cycle hire schemes and renewable energy initiatives, in collaboration with C40.


The research produced by Arup-C40 is particularly important because it quantifies what action is being taken and identifies what works. By helping city authorities to understand how other cities have successfully tackled shared challenges, cities worldwide can build a roadmap to take suitable actions against climate change that make a meaningful difference. ” Paula Kirk Paula Kirk Director, Climate and sustainability

Arup is a fantastic partner for us. They have given us access to the best engineering, planning and design expertise in the world but, most importantly, Arup is a firm that shares our commitment to tackling climate change. ”

Arup joins other major institutions such as World Bank, Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation in partnering with C40 to channel efforts to address global climate change.