Arup and Venturous Group launched Neuron Digital Group in a quest to make buildings smarter

Jerman Cheung Jerman Cheung East Asia Press Office,Hong Kong
8 April 2022

Arup and Venturous Group, China’s first Citytech™ Group, have jointly launched Neuron Digital Group ('Neuron Group') in a quest to make buildings smarter. Neuron will leverage the power of data and technology to decarbonise building assets and facilitate the transformation towards digital property management.

Buildings are one of the least digitalised sectors in the world. They use 30% of the world’s energy and contribute 28% of global carbon dioxide emissions, according to the International Energy Agency. With the unique domain knowledge and competencies of Arup and Venturous Group, Neuron is in the best position to develop a powerful technology platform for smart and sustainable buildings.

Originally incubated by Arup, utilising its world-leading domain knowledge in the built environment, Neuron embraces data technology to serve modern-day buildings, including energy management, tenant wellness and satisfaction, automation and indoor air quality. It will also help reduce maintenance costs and equipment downtime, and optimise asset management. The Neuron solutions have been implemented in different projects in Asia, resulting in a significant improvement in building energy and operation efficiency. With Venturous Group’s capital, strategy and technology capabilities, Neuron will further develop into a cloud-based integrated technology platform with digital twin, AI and big data capabilities that will meet the needs of building owners, operators and users.

NEURON Building Award-winning _digital brain_ for more sustainable smart buildings_© Arup NEURON Building Award-winning _digital brain_ for more sustainable smart buildings_© Arup

Neuron is a powerful demonstration of our commitment to a sustainable future. It offers a systematic approach to decarbonising the built environment by unlocking the potential of data and technology. With this joint venture, we aim to scale up the accessibility and usability of Neuron via cloud platforms, facilitating the industry to accelerate the journey to net zero. ” Andy Lee Andy Lee Co-Chairman of Neuron and East Asia Chief Operating Officer of Arup

Neuron is proudly a ‘child of Hong Kong’. We are so excited to launch it here. Neuron is an infrastructure key to smart cities, which is at the core of our firm’s mission. At Venturous Group we not only invest, but also build and operate Citytech. Neuron is a perfect example of what we can achieve together with best-in-class, long-term strategic partners such as Arup. ” Benson Tam Co-Chairman of Neuron and Founder & Chairman of Venturous Group

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Neuron is already serving several prominent clients in the local market. With a global reach, Neuron has won numerous domestic as well as international innovation and environmental awards to date. Neuron will continue to work in close collaboration with Arup to broaden its service offerings for the built environment, both in breadth and depth. The company also has plans to expand from its research and development base in Hong Kong and establish operating hubs in mainland China and other key leading smart cities in the region.

At Neuron, we are thrilled by the launch and optimistic about our future. Apart from the support from Arup and Venturous Group, we are encouraged by the enthusiasm shown by our clients and business partners. ” Thomas Pang Acting CEO of Neuron

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