Arup attains its CO2 performance ladder certificate level 5

Hester Duijndam, Arup Hester Duijndam Europe Press Office, Netherlands
21 June 2023

To safeguard a sustainable future, it is essential to balance economic growth with social and environmental development. At Arup, we feel a strong responsibility to contribute to this transition. Our fundamental aim, as established in Ove Arup’s Key Speech, is to serve society and deliver meaningful work for a more sustainable built environment. As a firm consisting of 18,000 engineers, designers, advisors and specialists working across 34 countries, we’ve adopted a series of ambitious carbon reduction targets aligned with our global net zero carbon strategy that will take the firm to carbon-neutrality in 2030. 

Measuring and reporting of the carbon footprint of our organisation is a fundamental first step in our action cycle. Our footprint is reported every year in accordance with the GHG-protocol, and as to comply with our CO2 Performance Ladder level 5.  

HAUT, Amsterdam

We have adopted the CO2 Performance Ladder as a tool to map and reduce our CO2-emissions, within our organisation and the chain in which we operate. The ladder is intended as a management system to stimulate continuous improvement.  

Van Brienenoord Bridge Van Brienenoord Bridge

Proper implementation of the system is awarded with a system certificate, which provides benefits in the procurement process of construction projects. Increased efforts regarding energy savings, use of sustainable energy and CO2 reduction are rewarded with a higher score on the ladder. At Arup we’re proud that from 2019 onwards we’ve been awarded the highest-level certificate (level 5), being CO2 conscience.

Van Brienenoord Bridge, Rotterdam

The aims of the CO2 Performance Ladder are in line with:  

Arup’s Global Net Zero GHG Emission Statement

Arup’s Global Net Zero Carbon Strategy

Our CO2 Performance ladder certificates and documents are audited annually and the progress against our reduction targets is updated every six months on the site of ‘CO2 Prestatieladder’. For more information please visit here