Arup Sydney Gallery | Sustainable Happiness

Our founder Ove Arup encouraged us to actively engage with the world and to question ‘What’s it all about?’ His wisdoms, captured in poems, have stood the test of time and will now inspire us all as the foundation for the ‘Sustainable Happiness’ exhibition at Arup Sydney.

‘Sustainable Happiness’ encourages us to take a moment out of our day to reflect on the existential question ‘Why are we here?’ It’s an opportunity to share what gives you purpose with fellow colleagues, collaborators and clients and explore where we can collaborate to shape a better world.

The exhibition draws on sight, touch and sound to evoke and inspire response. A wave of photographs features moments in time caught by Arup people, showing something that matters to them.

When & Where

30 July – November 2019
Please contact Kimberleigh Stratford to view. 

Arup Sydney Gallery
Level 5, 151 Clarence Street Sydney NSW 2000

Sustainable Happiness  © Arup Sustainable Happiness  © Arup

Dive a little deeper and you’ll see themes emerge - connection to nature, belonging to community and expression through creativity - indicators of things that bring purpose and joy – while inequality, degradation and pollution reflect areas where more needs to be done.

In a symbolic way, the wave shows that together we can create greater momentum and energy around those things that will contribute to the happiness of future generations.

Press on the touch-capacitive canvas to listen to Arup people sharing their responses to Ove Arup’s statement, then add a written or sketched contribution of your own to the installation. We encourage people to be honest, to think big and to continue asking yourself:

Why are we here? What impact do we have on others? And how can we contribute to the sustainable happiness of future generations?