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Flight path images map global travel

Charlotte S Charlotte Fernández UKIMEA Press Office,Leeds
30 May 2013

Arup has created a series of visualisations of global flight paths to identify trends and connections between continents worldwide.

Michael Markieta, a transport planner in Arup’s Toronto office, has spent the past year developing the flight paths which give a striking visual snapshot of how the world is connected. The stunning images map over 58,000 flight paths to track movement and identify major aviation hubs such as central Europe and eastern United States.

By identifying patterns and connections, we can start to identify ways to help people to live and work together more effectively. Using GIS technology we’ve been able to provide the aviation industry with a very clean and simple way to identify potential opportunities for growth and look at how to adapt to better face the future. Michael Markieta, Transport Planner, Arup

Arup used Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to collect data for more than 58,000 global flight paths, available from open-source project

These images have already sparked interest from the international press, including Daily Mail online, BBC News online and MSN UK News.