Loud applause for the ‘new’ Her Majesty’s Theatre

Jennifer Shand Jennifer Shand Australasia Press Office,Sydney
10 September 2020

The redeveloped Her Majesty’s Theatre in Adelaide has been hailed as a triumph, with the auditorium acoustics designed by Arup specialists described as ‘incredible’.

After the first public performance on reopening, The Advertiser said the transformation was ‘truly remarkable’. 

Most impressive of all is the audience experience …. the quality of the acoustics was incredible in bringing the actors’ dialogue to clearly audible, dynamic life throughout the auditorium. ” The Advertiser

Her Majesty’s Theatre in Adelaide side stage view Her Majesty’s Theatre in Adelaide side stage view

Arup worked with Cox Architecture to deliver the acoustic design for the entire building and the structural and facade engineering for the diagrid facade that encapsulates the new foyer annexe. 

“With her graceful flowing curves, refined features and contemporary elegance, Her Majesty’s Theatre has truly regained its royal status – but now resembles a youthful people’s princess more than an old queen,” said The Advertiser.

“The transformation of the Adelaide venue is truly remarkable, and arguably situates the Maj as the premier theatre in the country.

“From its gleaming new Grote Street foyers, through the breathtaking expanded auditorium, to hidden backstage technical facilities, everything is state of the art.”

Arup’s acoustic design for the 1467-seat auditorium caters for amplified performances, big international musicals, more intimate and smaller acoustic performances, as well as spoken word plays.

“Her Majesty’s is now more than the equal of anything to be found among the classic theatres of London’s West End or on Broadway in New York, but combines this with the modern creature comforts and technical wizardry associated with contemporary complexes in countries closer to home.

“Welcome back, your Majesty: it’s been worth every bit of the wait.”

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