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New report outlines ten innovative ideas for London’s next Mayor

Charlotte S Charlotte Fernández UKIMEA Press Office,Leeds
7 April 2016

Arup has launched its ‘Ideas for London’ report which presents practical suggestions to boost growth, competitiveness, self-governance, wellbeing and the environmental performance of the city.

Released ahead of London Mayoral election, the report examines policy ideas that can help to make London an even better city for its residents, businesses and visitors. London’s population is growing by the equivalent of two packed Tube trains every week; to cope, the city needs to build the equivalent of six homes every hour. This squeeze of course presents plenty of challenges, it does however, also present a series of opportunities.

To continue to compete with the world’s mega cities, London’s public services management must be cutting edge and deliver improved value for money. Competitiveness, however, is not just about efficiency and value for money. As a result these policies, framed within three long term visions for the city, identifies some creative solutions based upon London’s strengths, both developed and burgeoning, and hopes to stimulate a debate as to how city government can meet the needs of London’s citizens.

These solutions range from a public city wide drone service, Drones for London (DfL), tapping into London’s vibrant culture to fuell a 24 hour economy by giving night markets, festivals and exhibitions the platform to take advantage of the coming Night tube in New Night Life, to Walking in a Green London which details how green infrastructure can lighten the city’s footprint and ensure Londoners have more healthy daily routines and help cut pollution by cutting down on the 2.6m car trips every day that are below 2km in length.

"We are now on the cusp of a mayoral transition at a pivotal moment in London’s long history. The challenges presented by climate change, global economic instability, and the new demands of our millennial generation seem greater than ever. Thanks to strong leadership from London’s mayors the city has been transformed into a 21st century leader. We hope these ideas can stimulate a debate about how London can retain its competitive advantage globally. Alexander, Jan, Director, City Economics