Arup and CAAi sign global partnership agreement to enhance aviation safety and security standards

Fiona Fitzgerald Fiona Fitzgerald Former UKIMEA Press Office,London
25 May 2018

Arup and Civil Aviation Authority International (CAAi), the technical cooperation arm of the UK Civil Aviation Authority, have signed a landmark agreement to partner on shaping a better world by raising the standards of aviation across the globe.

Signed by Arup’s Director of Operational Performance Stephen Pollard and CAAi’s Managing Director Maria Rueda, the partnership promotes the sharing of knowledge and skills that will enhance aviation standards, security and safety, as well as improving regulatory environmental performance of their clients.

It means that Arup and CAAi will be able to offer clients, including safety and security regulators, a broader range of complementary services. This includes improving a State’s compliance with the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s Safety and Security Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPS) and assisting investors in better understanding their future commitments associated with safety and security risk and compliance.

Bringing together CAAi’s and Arup’s aviation regulatory specialists, as well as other expertise from organisational and change management and business investment advisory teams, the multi-disciplinary approach will result in sustainable safety and security outcomes for clients’ aviation markets, in particular regulatory and oversight capabilities.

We are delighted to have taken this step forward in strengthening our long-standing relationship with Arup. Partnerships like these are great news for the UK and the international aviation community. Working together, both parties are equipped to make the biggest positive impact in raising global aviation safety and security standards, for passengers and operators flying around the world. ” Maria Rueda Managing Director, CAAi

The partnership is a result of years of successfully working together, and a shared commitment to raise the standards of aviation across the globe.   This has included working together in Botswana, Kuwait and Brunei-Darussalam.  With Arup owned in trust by its employees and CAAi a social enterprise they share common values in terms of investing profits in order to bring about positive social change.

The Arup and CAAi partnership establishes unprecedented capability in the aviation industry. There is no other entity that has the skills or expertise to work across the entire spectrum of industry participants that make up the aviation industry, from individuals employed by aviation companies to national safety and security regulators. We are proud to be party to this high calibre partnership ” Ian Taylor Ian Taylor Global Aviation Leader

Photo of Arup and CAAi representatives signing the partnership Photo of Arup and CAAi representatives signing the partnership
Left to right: Ashley Reeve (Associate, Arup), Maria N. Rueda (CAAi Managing Director), Matthew Margesson (Head of International Operations, CAAi), Stephen Pollard (Director of Operational Performance, Arup) and Stacey Peel (Associate Director, Arup)