Partnership with SAP, Deloitte and NextSpace looks to transform asset performance

Jennifer Shand Jennifer Shand Australasia Press Office,Sydney
19 May 2021

A new partnership between SAP, Arup, Deloitte and Nextspace is fundamentally changing the way infrastructure assets are created and managed by digitising them across the planning, design, build, and operation phases.
Data lies at the heart of this collaboration platform. Managed by SAP’s proven enterprise solutions, it provides total transparency and innovation capabilities accessible in an nDimensional digital twin of a build. 

This platform will increase asset performance and improve efficiency of delivery, compliance and sustainability. 

It will reduce construction and operating costs and accelerate time-to-benefit as the infrastructure sector becomes a critical driver of Australia’s post-Covid recovery.

The four firms describe it as an exciting partnership and look forward to engaging with government and industry in a collaborative approach.