Seeds of our City

With our growing urban footprint and increasingly adverse effects of climate change, the loss of species and habitats is becoming all too common. Yet, for tens of thousands of years this same land has sustained life – creating habitats, food, cooling the environment and supporting cleaner air and waterways.

So, how, as our city expands, can we reignite our vital connection with land, water, flora and fauna? And bring bush land back into our urban environment?

The ‘Seeds of our City’ exhibition, borne out of a collaboration between Arup, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre (CPAC) and Liverpool City Council, opens up community and professional conversations around maintaining biodiversity and enabling continued connection to nature in the context of a rapidly growing city.

With our partners, we are seeking to highlight our mission to meet global issues in our own local context – through the joy of creativity in art. ”

David Harding David Harding Former NSW and ACT Business Leader
Hear from our artists, partners and collaborators on the importance of nature in our cities.
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The contrast between Sydney’s expanding urban environment and our native bushland is rarely seen in such dramatic terms as it is in the Liverpool LGA. Our artists enjoy a unique perspective and one we hope will provoke much discussion and illumination. ” Kiersten Fishburn Kiersten Fishburn Liverpool City Council, CEO

Arup is hosting Seeds of Our City as a symbolic bridge between Sydney’s CBD and Western Sydney – a region absorbing 70,000 more people each year and experiencing an infrastructure boom.

The exhibition serves as a reminder of what could be lost if fertile natural habitat succumbs to careless urban development and challenges us to find the right balance between the built and natural environment as we seek to create places that hold a sense of belonging.

In an increasingly concrete jungle, this exhibition is our way of contributing a little bit of the art and soul of the natural world into the city that is Sydney. ”

Craig Donarski Director, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre

Meet our artists and explore their work

Diego Bonetto

Diego Bonetto

Diego Bonetto is a wild food advocate based in Sydney, most famous for his offering of urban foraging workshops. He works to enable convivial conversations around belonging, sustainability and agency. 

Kerrie Kenton

Kerrie Kenton

Kerrie Kenton is a multidisciplinary visual artist and Watte Wanne Knowledge holder of the Darug and Dhunghutti Nations. 

Her art practice is intricately woven with knowledge, kinship, stories and song. 

Svetlana Panov

Svetlana Panov

Local artist Svetlana Panov discovered a talent and passion for ceramics at the Casula Powerhouse Ceramics Studio, less than two years ago. Her intricate creations are inspired by the textures of nature, from aquatic life and landscapes, to plants found in the local area.