Together, we can and must do more

Alan Belfield Alan Belfield Chairman,London
3 June 2020

In recent days, we have witnessed millions of people protest across the United States and the world, standing united against racism and inequality. We at Arup join their voices in calling for the reform of a system that has disproportionately harmed Black communities. 

The needless death of George Floyd has provided further catalyst for this long overdue movement for change. His death also provides a stark reminder of how our choices and our voices matter.

We cannot let our silence suggest that we accept the status quo. We stand in solidarity with all those who live in fear of racial injustice and discrimination. 

At Arup, we are guided by our aims and values and are committed to shaping a better world for everyone, regardless of race, religion, or socio-economic background. Our obligation is to sustainable development, including equality, peace, justice and strong institutions. And our aim is to foster an inclusive culture where everyone has a sense of belonging. 

We stand together, united with those who share our commitment to shape a better world, making it more inclusive and more equitable for all.