Q1: Your best solution to date?

A1: Re-imagining a more geographically balanced economy for the UK with the late Professor Sir Peter Hall and others in the Regional Futures study for a partnership of national and regional agencies in 2005.

Q2: Why is it significant?

A2: Much of its thinking on policy levers, including investing in transport infrastructure to unlock economic development, addressing skills shortages, greater spatial awareness in funding for higher education and research, and use of scenarios thinking, paved the way for topical interest in the empowerment of major cities.;

Q3: Your particular skill?

A3: Strategic planning and planning policy research.

Q4: Enthusiasm?

A4: Making connections between the private and public sector, between policy and practice, and between different disciplines.

Q5: Why Arup?

A5: The creativity of our staff and their willingness to share ideas and technical knowledge.

Q6: Anything else?

A6: Currently one of 8 lead experts steering the UK Government’s Foresight Future of Cities project. Also member of the Mayor’s Outer London Commission, TCPA’s Policy Council, and RTPI’s English Policy Panel.