Q1: Your best solution to date?
A1: A tunnel through an active earthquake fault. We developed a tunnel that can displace up to 3m before any damage occurs to the water pipe inside.

Q2: Why is it significant?
A2: The solution guarantees that water will flow through the tunnel even after a massive earthquake occurs. It shows the importance of our work, we are directly influencing people’s lives.

Q3: Your particular skill?
A3: Creative tunnel design. Working as a team with contractors and colleagues to make things happen.

Q4: Enthusiasm?
A4: Helping young tunnel engineers to grow and develop.

Q5: Why Arup?
A5: Because you never know what’s going to happen the next day, Arup is a dynamic and fun firm to work in. The talent, variety of cultures and dynamism is breathtaking and creates a wonderful work environment which is unique in consulting.