Your best solution to date?
It’s more an accumulation of solutions – a lot of what I do gets embedded in software that will be used again and again. I have built up a set of tools within our finite element programs that allow us to predict the performance of our designs; for example, reinforced concrete structures in earthquakes.

Why is it significant?
Because, as master craftsmen, we should be masters of our tools. We can customise analysis software to do the precise job that the project needs.

Your particular skill?
Taking real engineering situations or problems, turning them into maths and logic, and writing software to solve them.


How the seemingly abstract world of mathematical equations and lines of programming can predict real physical phenomena – not just the numbers and patterns, but also the underlying causes and effects.

Why Arup?
Because I am surrounded by people who are excellent at what they do; and our ownership structure allows us to do what’s right, rather than going for the quick buck.