@4 Magazine Issue 11

Water is a critical issue in Australia and worldwide, and in this edition of @4, we investigate how technology can help us manage this precious resource, and how the drive for something as prosaic as a swim in the river will push us to better manage our urban waterways.

Also, dams and the myriad ways we rely on them are explained by our new Dams Leader, Dr Nihal Vitharana.

Digital technology is now almost fully integrated into our lives, so how can we make that work for us in ways we previously hadn’t imagined? We investigate how the digital landscape and smart data usage can improve anything from your health to your commute home.

Some ground-breaking projects Arup have been working on have recently opened, including our own revamped Sydney office space!

We’d also like to introduce some exceptional people at Arup, Felicity Briody and Joan Ko, as well as welcome a new public transport planning expert into the fold, Brian Smith.

@4 Magazine Issue 11