@4 Magazine Issue 12

Large scale infrastructure projects, city-shaping planning, and iconic buildings aren’t delivered overnight, so we tend to take a long term, big picture view of things. In this issue though, we consider ideas and projects on a different scale — both time and size.

We investigate the inner workings of Arup University and interview Andrew Maher, its Australasian Regional Leader. Foresight + Research + Innovation, the thinktank arm of Arup University, helps push the research that is central to our innovation and future thinking. We discuss two of their new reports, Rethinking the Factory and Future Libraries.

Sport plays a major role in this part of the world and Arup has been fortunate enough to work on a range of amazing stadiums. Peter Bowtell discusses their importance for competitors, fans, and the wider community.

Alex Borg talks us through a diverging diamond interchange, a twist on traditional designs that can move more traffic through an intersection and increase safety at the same time. We also consider how apps and digital innovation built on Intelligent Transport Systems can make our commutes and lives easier and more efficient.

Climate change resilience is something we are always considering at Arup; Rob Turk tells us how it’s our local councils who have been quietly getting on with tackling the ever-present risks and impacts.

We’d also like to share with you some of the amazing projects we’ve had the privilege to work on recently including the Sydney Opera House and Regional Rail Link in Victoria.

@4 Magazine Issue 12