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Shaping Ageing Neighbourhoods: Milan Gallaratese

Most of us will grow old living in cities. The United Nations Population Fund estimates that by 2020, over 50% of people aged 60 years or older will live in an urban environment.

In Italy, Milan’s Gallaratese neighbourhood has been identified as one of the country’s areas with the highest concentration of residents aged 65 and beyond. Coming up with strategies that will help us design age-friendly environments lies at the heart of this research report by Arup, transport consultants Systematica and non-profit Fondazione Housing Sociale.

Ageing Neighbourhoods - Milan Gallaratese introduces an age-friendly approach to influence and design urban environments in a way that respects, protects and fulfils our rights in older age. 

Through our analytical framework, the report sets out 12 age-friendly goals and a benchmark for interventions, creating a blueprint for collaboration with public and private stakeholders intended to be applicable to other neighbourhoods.

For more information on the report, contact Stefano Recalcati