Boy drinking water from tap on cover of NZ Water Consumer Survey

New Zealand Water Consumer Survey 2017

An independent survey by Water New Zealand reviews the attitudes of more than 4500 water consumers across New Zealand.

The survey, undertaken in collaboration with a number of Water New Zealand’s member organisations and Arup, asked respondents to think about a range of important subjects, including drinking water quality, water security, pricing, customer service, waterways, and the future of water in New Zealand.

The survey report presents the findings of the survey and includes analysis of issues across the following key areas:

  • Consumer outlook
  • Water use and efficiency
  • The price of water
  • Customer experience
  • Future of water
  • Healthy waterways

We have developed a complementary data visualisation tool to enable interested parties to view and interrogate the survey data. The tool allows users to break down the data by geography and other demographics, enabling in-depth analysis of what consumers think about water. We believe that this tool will prove valuable to water suppliers, industry groups and the government  particularly in relation to understanding regionally based findings.

Please note that the data visualisation tool is intended to be used on a computer and may not provide an optimum experience if viewed on a mobile device. User instructions are included on Page 2 of the tool.

New Zealand Water Consumer Survey 2017