Offshore wind foundation; Offshore wind foundation;

European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre, Aberdeen

How an innovative offshore foundation can support the generation of 93MW

Arup was commissioned by Vattenfall to test a suction bucket jacket foundation design, for its pioneering offshore wind demonstration and test facility in Scotland. Following the full scale trials, our team concluded that the design was suitable for full roll out and installation. 

Working to lower the cost of energy

We worked with our client to demonstrate the viability of the installation of numerous offshore foundations by coordinating and supervising a range of onsite trials. The European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre (EOWDC) is Scotland’s largest offshore wind test and demonstration facility which is being developed by Vattenfall-owned Aberdeen Offshore Wind Farm Limited.

This innovative 11-turbine offshore wind scheme trials next generation technology which will contribute to lowering the cost of energy.

Project Summary

93MW generation capacity

32mwater depth

191mtotal turbine height

New technology, new energy

The structure for the offshore wind facility uses suction bucket technology, an area Arup has considerable experience in. The design of the suction buckets uses the clay sub-surface soils - with a covering of sand - to ensure the robust structure stays in place. The buckets sit at the base of a jacket which anchors and secures the turbine in place.

Ensuring a compatible design

As part of our scope, we developed a reference design for the jacket and suction bucket foundations to support the world's most powerful wind turbines being installed. Our design was used by the client to compare it to other options developed following a tender process. Developing an independent reference design gave Vattenfall confidence that the suction bucket solution was feasible and could be delivered and rolled out across the test facility.

We ensured the design was robust and deployable.

A small scale and full scale offshore test installation campaign was developed by our energy specialists.

Aberdeen-bay-suction-jacket Aberdeen-bay-suction-jacket

Successful trials complete

Our specialist geotechnical engineers supervised the various tests on site over a one month period. The suction buckets, paired with the world's most powerful turbine is an offshore wind industry first. The trials successfully installed into water depths up to 32 meters, having followed Arup's approach for their installation.

Progressing to energy generation

Following the full scale trials, Arup’s team concluded that the suction bucket jackets were suitable for full roll out, and could all be successfully installed. The 11 jackets were installed early in 2018 and wind turbine installation is currently underway.