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We expand the boundaries of design and performance by understanding materials better.

We expand the boundaries of design and performance by understanding materials better.

Design shapes our experience of the world – from the buildings we inhabit to the products we use every day. In creating that world, designers are taking ever more sophisticated approaches to materials.

Arup’s materials specialists help designers navigate complex choices. We offer insight into the implications of materials for form, function, durability, budget and performance against any criteria. We guide clients in their choices through the complete life-cycle of projects, from concept to completion, on to dismantling, recycling and refurbishment.

Our teams have deep experience in concrete, metals, glass, stone, brick, timber and composites as well as in construction, manufacturing processes and product design. Many of our specialists are acknowledged leaders in their fields, and sit on industry panels and product standard committees.

Scope for creativity

From tried and tested to adventurous materials applications, our wide knowledge gives designers greater scope.

Arup works with some of the world’s most talented designers to realise their ideas. Working on groundbreaking installations for both the London Design Festival and Serpentine Pavilions, we provide ongoing advice on materials usage to bring these challenging ideas and concepts to life.

Materials that work harder

Our clients, across all sectors of construction and industry, face widely divergent challenges. To examine the all-round performance potential of materials in any context, we combine proficiency in applied materials science and research with the entire breadth of Arup’s expertise.

We may draw on Arup’s carbon management expertise, for instance, to better understand the sustainability of processes and materials. Diverse expertise came into play in our Life Cycle Tower study, which examined whether timber could replace conventional materials in high-rise construction without compromising building performance criteria, including fire performance, acoustic performance and cost.

Bringing certainty

Inventive uses of materials are often transformative, but untested ideas may be risky. Arup takes a strongly analytical approach to help clients manage their cost, programme and risk, and to realise their ideas with maximum value and reliability.

We provide precise, independent and practical information about the condition of assets to owners and investors, and we are often called on to give forensic evidence and expert witness statements.