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Vibration engineering


Vibration engineering

Reducing the risk of vibration protects and maintains the value of building, infrastructure and industrial assets while improving their performance.

Vibration in buildings, structures, transport systems, industrial plant and products can lead to many problems – from building user satisfaction to the functional performance.

Our specialists resolve issues with inventiveness, practicality and discretion, working across the commercial property, healthcare, rail, science and industry and energy sectors. Our recommendations are tailored to meet client need, drawing on global expertise in acoustics, geotechnics and structural engineering.

High performance at the outset

Proactive vibration control early in the design process is generally most effective. Assisted by computational analysis, we assess and address risks early on.

Influencing performance at the outset has practical and economic benefits. Arup has pioneered damping systems for tall buildings; our work on The St. Francis Shangri-La Place reduced construction costs and time, increasing floor area.

Arup develops railway vibration mitigation system designs for major projects such as Crossrail.

We dealt with many vibration challenges for the Marina Bay Sands development; our work on the highly vibration-sensitive Synchrotron and Stanford University’s Nanotechnology Building was critical to operational success.

Protect and enhance

Concerns can arise during production, construction or operation of buildings and infrastructure. As the firm that resolved the Millennium Bridge’s famous ‘wobble’, we fully investigate concerns before determining an appropriate resolution.

Our custom-designed Low Profile Tune Mass Dampers, created to reduce floor vibration in a high specification London office building, rapidly resolved a challenging situation with a highly-valued tenant, at a quarter of the cost of other options.

Similarly, we devised a new vibration mitigation solution for the award-winning United States Air Force Memorial.