Arup Australasia Board strengthens membership

Trish Sunga Trish Sunga Australasia Press Office,Sydney
29 March 2020

Arup Australasia has added three new members to the Region Board, broadening its expertise and industry perspective. 

Chair Peter Chamley today announced the new members as Tan Yoong Heng (Singapore Office Leader), Phoebe Ryssenbeek (Regional Head, People + Culture) and Murray Kretschmer (Infrastructure Sector Leader).

Mr Chamley said the Board will draw on their diverse experience and ability to support the firm and clients - governments, businesses and communities - in challenging and quickly changing times.

Murray Kretschmer (Infrastructure Sector Leader) Phoebe Ryssenbeek (Regional Head, People + Culture) Tan Yoong Heng (Singapore Office Leader) Murray Kretschmer (Infrastructure Sector Leader) Phoebe Ryssenbeek (Regional Head, People + Culture) Tan Yoong Heng (Singapore Office Leader)
New Region Board members Murray Kretschmer, Phoebe Ryssenbeek and Tan Yoong Heng

Murray, Phoebe and Yoong Heng each bring a unique strategic viewpoint, strengthening the Board’s ability to effectively lead the firm, ensure the success and well-being of our people and provide value and high-quality service to our clients. ”

Peter Chamley Peter Chamley Former Chair, Australasia Region

The new members join Bruce Tanner (Region Chief Operating Officer), Kerryn Coker, Joseph Correnza, Mike McGowan, Rachel Nicholls, Greg Stone, Veng Wye Tong and Kate West, who are all senior leaders within the firm. As an independent firm, with a trust structure, Arup has no individual shareholders or external investors.

The Australasia Region encompasses Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. The 2500-strong team includes designers, planners, engineers, consultants and technical specialists. Current projects include energy, water and data systems, transport and civil infrastructure, commercial, healthcare, education and industrial buildings as well as urban planning, environmental and sustainability consulting.

Country Leaders are Lawrence Yeap (Malaysia), Gabriel Hyde (Indonesia), Tan Yoong Heng (Singapore) and Tommy Parker (New Zealand). 

Office Leaders in Australia are Beth Woods (Queensland), Ryan Andriessen (Sydney), Dylan Coote (Canberra), Finola Reid (Victoria/South Australia) and Alastair Avern-Taplin (Perth).