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Arup joins gender equality industry alliance in Spain

Isabel Iglesias Isabel Iglesias Europe Press Office, Spain
20 May 2021

Arup is joining an industry-wide pledge to promote equal opportunities in the architecture, engineering and construction sector Spain. Bringing together more than 90 organisations and professionals, the ‘Foundations of Equality’ strategic alliance seeks to further gender equality through a range of initiatives such as ensuring transparency and fair pay, promoting work-life balance as well as creating mentoring programmes.

The manifesto is being championed by the Observatory 2030 of Spain’s architectural association CSCAE, the Spanish Association of Executives and Consultants EJE&CON, BMI Group and the Association of Civil Engineers.

The initiative aims to support professional development of women in the industry, while providing a roadmap for organisations in their journey for greater sustainability, social justice and transparency.

Within our broader ambition of shaping a better world, equal opportunities is one of our priority action areas. Aligned with our freshly established Equality Plan, we work to be inclusive in everything we do, to make a positive contributions not only through our projects across the built environment, but also to strengthen our positive legacy in our work with local communities and the whole of society. ” Mark Chown Mark Chown Spain Group Leader

Some of the key initiatives behind the pledge include:

  • Generating employment to attract women to the construction sector, together with opportunities for innovation and development that promote job creation

  • Leveraging new trends in production including digitalisation and industrialisation to make the sector more attractive, with a commitment for sustainability and the circular economy

  • Securing commitment from companies and other industry players to develop gender diversity policies, including the promotion of women to management positions

  • Promoting mentoring programmes to enable women to take on managerial roles in organisations

  • Discussing best practice to achieve gender equality in the sector 

  • Ensuring transparency and fair pay to address the gender pay gap

  • Promoting work-life balance policies both to support health and well-being and more inclusive career development

  • Developing transparent, fair, inclusive, and impartial recruitment and evaluation processes