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MiC Display Centre showcases latest construction tech and trend

Jerman Cheung Jerman Cheung East Asia Press Office,Hong Kong
7 November 2018

A demonstration centre has opened in Hong Kong to showcase the latest technology and trend of using prefabricated prefinished volumetric systems for building construction

As the name implies, MiC Display Centre was built using the modular integrated construction (MiC) technology, first of its kind in Hong Kong. The 2-storey building with an area of approximately 300m2 is formed by 10 integrated modules – completed with finishes, fixtures and furniture – prefabricated in a factory and transported to site for installation. 

To demonstrate the flexibility and capability of the MiC technology, the project features a variety of functional units, including an elderly home unit, a hotel room, a hostel, a 1-bedroom and a 3-bedroom residential units. It also comprises an in-situ part which are mainly staircases, vertical lifting, electrical room for power supply and fire services panel. 

Arup provided total engineering services including architecture, structural, building services, foundation, façade and fire engineering services. At the early stage of the project, we delivered an optimal modular design with simple structural connections that thoroughly considered the entire construction process – from assembly method, construction sequence through to transportation, site logistics and installation. Field work was minimised, thus reducing construction wastes and enhancing construction safety.

The MiC Display Centre is established by the Construction Industry Council to address the government’s initiatives and the start of a range of pilot projects to challenge conventional building methods, with the important objectives to help resolve the shortage of housing supply and construction labour force, and to address the continuous rising property prices in Hong Kong. By adopting the concept of ‘factory assembly followed by on-site installation’ and the mode of manufacturing, labour-intensive processes can be accomplished in off-site prefabrication yard with a view to enhancing productivity and cost-effectiveness.

MiC has been increasingly adopted worldwide. In 2015, a 32-storey residential building in New York – 461 Dean – was completed using modular construction technology (the project was formerly known as Atlantic Yards Building 2). At the time of completion, it was the tallest volumetric modular building in the world. Arup developed a modular approach for the high-rise building, resulting in improved quality and cost savings compared to the conventional construction scheme. The project was awarded the CTBUH Construction Awards 2018 – Award of Excellence.

Extensive coordination between the multidisciplinary team, our clients and the contractors has been the key to the successful delivery of the project. As most of the works were finished before installation, careful and detail resource planning at the early stage is also very important. We’re proud to be able to contribute our experience to the first MiC project in Hong Kong. ” Goman Hoc Goman Ho Arup Fellow and Director of Innovations