Joan Ko accelerates Arup’s sustainability agenda with new CEDA partnership

Trish Sunga Trish Sunga Australasia Press Office,Sydney
26 May 2022

As the race to tackle climate change gathers pace across the world, Climate and Sustainability Services Leader for Australasia, Joan Ko, has revealed bold plans to super-charge Arup’s sustainable development response in Australasia. 

This includes significantly expanding and strengthening the capabilities of her multidisciplinary team across the region as businesses and governments double down on a new wave of action to respond to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), decarbonisation, equity and resilience drivers.

“We are facing the urgent issues – and opportunities – that come from grappling with climate, biodiversity and social equity crises. Organisations are looking for ways to meaningfully respond. We have brought together design and advisory capabilities from across Arup to tackle complex challenges that transcend sectors, organisational levels and geographic boundaries. We are uniquely set up to unlock practical solutions, decarbonisation, social value, adaptation and resilience, environment and biodiversity, and the circular economy,” said Ms Ko.

We are working with organisations across the lifecycle of decision making and program delivery to develop the right sustainability plan and, critically, ensure these plans are implemented effectively to create measurable value. Only through real impact can we achieve Arup’s purpose – to shape a better world. ” Joan Ko Joan Ko Climate and Sustainability Services – Australasia Leader

Joan’s focus on collaboration and outreach has led to an Australia-first partnership between Arup and the Committee for Economic Development (CEDA). Known as the ESG Community of Best Practice, the initiative has been designed to lift awareness, capability and performance of CEDA member organisations and the broader Australian business community. ESG reporting is an important way for stakeholders to understand the progress that organisations are making toward sustainable development.  

The program will target those responsible for ESG strategy and implementation from across CEDA’s membership. It comprises a series of interactive forums where community members will share ideas and experiences, as well as create informal connections for ongoing collaboration and learning. The program will run for 12 months with the first forum on 31 May.

“I am thrilled to see our community, commercial and political interests aligning with the public agenda. I am passionate about helping people understand the economic, social and environmental systems that have brought us to the challenges of today. Most importantly, I look forward to helping organisations translate their goals and strategies into meaningful responses to ESG challenges.  The program will provide a unique opportunity for ESG practitioners at all levels to come together and enjoy mutual learning and support.”

“At Arup, a better world is a resilient, productive, equitable and biodiverse world. We are proud to partner with CEDA on this cross-industry initiative to improve ESG performance across government and corporate Australia, while at the same time driving progress against the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals,” added Ms Ko.