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Multiply at Madrid Design Festival

MultiPly, an eight-metre-high, carbon neutral, timber pavilion, is made exclusively from American tulipwood. Tulipwood, which makes up nearly 98% of the mass of Multiply, is one of the most abundant American hardwoods. It takes only 5 minutes for the 320 cubic meters of tulipwood logs harvested to manufacture MultiPly to be replaced by new growth in the U.S. forest.

The design is a result of the collaboration between Waugh Thistleton Architects, the American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) and Arup and is built to respond to two of the biggest challenges that our time faces: our ever-growing need for housing and the absolute urgency to fight climate change.

MultiPly challenges the way we build our homes and cities.

Petr Krejci Photography©

A new way of building

The interconnecting design of the pavilion is comprised of multiple spaces that overlap and intertwine, presenting itself as an impressive solution – combining modular systems with sustainable building materials – to encourage and inspire visitors to the festival to re-think and re-discover ways in which we design and build our homes and cities.

Using wood and modular construction, the installation demonstrates how buildings, once they reach the end of their life, can be disassembled, reconfigured and reused for new construction.

The structure was first shown as part of London Design Festival in 2018, and then at the Universite deglie Studi di Milano, as part of Interni’s ‘Human Spaces’ exhibition at Milan Design Week 2019 and is presented here in Madrid for its fourth iteration. Now it is being presented in Madrid for its third reconstruction. Don't miss it!

Where: Puerta del Rey, 28008 Madrid

When: February 1st 2020 – February 16th 2020