Drivers of Change interactive app launches

Screen of the Drivers of Change app Screen of the Drivers of Change app

This digital version of Drivers of Change puts the power to visualise future living — and the factors shaping the future — in the hands of educators, industry professionals, and the public. The app offers an informed starting point for conversations within communities and companies alike. Ten topics (climate change, convergence, demographics, energy, food, oceans, poverty, urbanisation, waste, and water) can be explored through any, or all, of the five STEEP lenses (social, technological, economic, environmental, and political).

Packed with facts, images, and infographics, the app will be regularly updated by Arup experts from around the globe. Additionally, users will be able to shape the content of the app by crowdsourcing their own scenarios for the future. It is available at no cost from Google Play or iTunes for mobile devices using Android and iOS operating systems.

The Drivers of Change app was created by Chris Luebkeman, Josef Hargrave, and Mark Pearsall, members of Arup’s Foresight, Research, and Innovation group — a select team dedicated to helping the firm's clients understand trends, explore new ideas, and develop future markets — in very close collaboration with Ojingo Labs, a creative technology firm specialising in creating unique digital platforms and experiences.

Screen of the Drivers of Change app Screen of the Drivers of Change app