Q1: Your best solution to date?
A1: I mostly cannot take credit for specific design solutions because generally design is a collaborative process. But the best design solution that I have been involved with was using precast half-arch units for the overhead vent duct on Tate’s Cairn Tunnel in Hong Kong.  

Q2: Why is it significant?
A2: Not only does this approach speed construction and save money but the arch is a better structural solution than conventionally used flat-slab and hangers. Most importantly it avoids the corrosion and safety issues of steel supports and anchors. Compression structures rule in the underground!

Q3: Your particular skill?
A3: I think my particular skill is less about engineering than resolving conflicts between individuals and parties. I enjoy exploring the issues from each side and then facilitating (inevitable) compromise, or, on very rare occasions, quashing a party that is out of line.  

Q4: Enthusiasm?
A4: I’m passionate about producing easy to build and easy to maintain designs that provide a legacy of infrastructure for future generations. Sustainability is nothing new; this is what civil engineers have been motivated to do throughout history.  

Q5: Why Arup?
A5: Arup has a worldwide network of bright people with high ideals who are willing to share ideas and help each other. I’m proud to be part of a global community whose primary goal is to improve our world.

Q6: Anything else?
A6: I’m involved in a number of professional organizations and encourage other people in the firm to do the same.