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Urban resilience in China

Urban Resilience Whitepaper: Arup’s global experience and practice in China

Never more than now has the world been more aware of the importance of resilience to our communities and cities.

At Arup, we believe that the urgency to create cities for future generations must be focused on flexible and agile solutions which can readily adapt to future shocks and stresses.  The Arup approach to resilience puts human behaviour at its heart and analyses the system links across the natural and built environment.

This whitepaper details the Arup approach to resilience and some of the related tools we have developed with our partners across the globe. Also in the report, our experts working in China share their thoughts and latest works on helping Chinese cities build resilience from different perspectives including urban design and planning, security and risks, healthcare, socio-economics, transport infrastructure, ecosystem, water, buildings and organisations.

The report also provides a collection of case studies that highlight how Arup has been helping cities around the world grow their resilience at different levels from global to national, city, region/community, urban system, building and organisational levels.

Download (Chinese language only)