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Town Centre Toolkit Cover

Town Centres Toolkit

Town centres have undergone remarkable changes across the last decade, including developments in e-commerce, smarter mobile devices and payment options, as well as the continued investment in ‘malls’ and out of town shopping centres. The impact of this change has seen footfall in town centres decline and several longstanding stores and brands are now missing from the high street. We believe that the ecosystem needs rethinking. It needs to be driven by leadership, ownership and identity.

Arup has developed a Town Centres Toolkit to help town centre stakeholders create economically resilient places for people that also propel social and environmental sustainability. This Toolkit is underpinned by these principles of sustainability as well as innovation and inclusivity. Using this Toolkit we can help enable local authorities, landowners and communities to easily identify the issues affecting their town centre and work with them to develop bespoke solutions.

Find out more about the Town Centres Toolkit here