Regional Operational Programme Evaluations, Romania, Nationwide

Service contract to Ministry of Regional Development and Housing

The overall objective of this service contract was to provide Ministry of Regional Development and Housing with minimum 150 expert evaluators (financial experts, technical experts, environmental experts, urbanism experts and social services experts) for evaluation of 1700 financial applications for projects to be financed by ERDF.

Activity 1

Technical and Economical Analysis of the applications related to the projects to be financed by ERDF within the Priority Axis of the Regional Operational Programme (ROP) 2007-2013 including drafting up the recommendation and consulting for the applicants in order to improve their applications.

In order to perform the required evaluation, in conformity to the evaluation procedure set out for ROP, we have provided the Management Authority for ROP, at their request and within the indicated deadline, team of necessary experts responsible for the performance of the evaluation procedure. The team of experts was responsible for technical, economical and social or sustainable development evaluation of the application requesting financing under ERDF funds. At the end of the evaluation procedure the projects were ranked according to the established methodology and criteria.

All applications and the required supporting documentations have been evaluated in conformity to the highest professional standards and according to the established procedure. The evaluations were talking place at premises of all Regional Development Agencies At the end of evaluation process, our experts prepared evaluation reports which were dispatched to the Management Authority for ROP within the Ministry of Regional Development and Housing. The said reports were subjected to approval procedure within the Ministry.

Activity 2 

Providing consultancy/assistance to the Ministry staff regarding the management of the Regional Operational Programme relating to the applications for financing under ERDF.

Within this service contract the Consultant was required to provide specific consultancy services related to the overall programme management support including advice on the measures to improve the internal procedures, amendment to manuals and/or applicants guides as well as programme management.