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Geographic information systems

We use geographical technology creatively to understand, manage and share ideas about the built and natural world.

We use geographical technology creatively to understand, manage and share ideas about the built and natural world.

We use geographic information systems (GIS) technology to visualise, manage, analyse and collate data based on any location.

Our GIS solutions make it simpler and quicker for our clients to manage their assets geographically, to identify opportunities, reduce risk and adapt to better face the future.

Arup combines IT and communications expertise with specialist market knowledge to tailor innovative GIS solutions. These range from web-based mapping tools to 3D models, often incorporating building information modelling (BIM). But they always focus sharply on practical outcomes, from predicting floods to planning business logistics.

Create opportunity

We put GIS solutions into accessible formats to demystify data and make its potential clear. We created a simple format with immediate impact for the North East Sustainable Resources Board’s Resource Mapping Tool. The data on local recycling facilities was already public, but this web-based GIS tool makes it easy for potential investors to see openings to turn more waste into energy and resources.

Respond in real time, anywhere

We have developed GIS solutions that combine real-time reporting with pin-point accuracy. They enable instant reaction and better prediction of risks.

We use these to mitigate potential ground movement on major infrastructure projects such as London’s Elizabeth line and the Transbay Terminal project in earthquake-prone San Francisco. On London's Elizabeth line, our real-time reporting solutions are part of an award-winning GIS strategy that integrates data management across the entire project.

Elsewhere, we use mobile technology to help clients collect data from far-flung locations. We then feed it into web-based maps or models, to create information they can access anywhere.

Share data with anyone

We create intuitive GIS systems that bring together stakeholders and specialists to develop better solutions. By making digital maps available by postcode, we created a user-friendly face for public consultations on the widening of the UK’s M1 motorway.

On the same project, we tracked public opinion in real-time to help the UK Highways Agency better understand community views and respond to them more quickly. Behind the scenes, our web-based GIS application helped a dispersed project team collaborate better by overlaying their designs for 85km of motorway with environmental, geotechnical and hydrogeological data.