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The #ClimateIsWater initiative: Protecting our most important resource

Climate change poses serious and growing threats to the world’s most important resource: water. Access to drinking water, sanitation and hygiene services are all being affected. And water is also obviously a fundamental element of our food security, health, energy production, industrial productivity, biodiversity and virtually every activity that supports global prosperity and resilience. Arup is supporting the #ClimateIsWater campaign which aims to place this issue back at the top of international climate summit agendas.

We are reaching out to the climate community at every level, to focus attention on the issues surrounding water provision, and to explore potential solutions. Climate change is a complex issue with many moving parts, but it’s vital that we highlight water’s central importance as policy responses are discussed, drafted and agreed. Together let’s spread the word that #ClimateIsWater!

Growing scarcity

Growing water scarcity is a central problem. By 2025, The Population Institute estimates that 1.8bn people will be living in water scarce regions. At least two-thirds of the world’s population will face ‘water stress’ in 2025 and the number of people affected by floods could increase by a factor of three by 2100.

The most vulnerable countries, those who are already highly exposed to extreme climate phenomena, will be the most affected. These are also the populations with the least capacity to respond and adapt. Access to food, health and energy security is under threat globally and if we don’t act urgently, political, social tensions and conflict will likely increase.

Areas of water stress

Action now

The primacy of water issues in the climate agenda is now clear. Water security is key to climate adaptation, and it’s a resource that’s central to the success of many low-carbon initiatives that will also be needed. Action is needed now to increase visibility for water and secure its place within the Global Climate Action Agenda and the overall UNFCCC processes.

Arup is supporting #ClimateIsWater in order to elevate water’s place within the UNFCCC climate change discussions.

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We’re looking at a revolution…the way in which we value water, capture it, store it, reuse it, recycle it for a more sustainable and secure future. ”

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