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La Cala golf club; La Cala golf club;

La Cala Golf Country Club, Málaga

400ha golf, hotel and leisure complex in Malaga

La Cala Golf and Country club is a large complex located in Malaga, Spain, 7km from the Mediterranean coast.

The complex includes a 400ha area split into two parts by the Ojén River. On both banks the topography, with differences in altitude of up to 200m, provides astonishing views for residents and golfers.

La Cala is complete with a wide range of social and sporting facilities – a spa, soccer, tennis, horse riding, squash and a gymnasium.

Arup, giving technical support to the development almost from its inception, has carried out the urbanisation projects for the 15 main areas of the development, with a total investment in infrastructure of €40m.

Project Summary

3,600 housing units

6,000m2retail area

21,600m2hotel area

The firm also conducted a technical audit of the partial plan, and developed the strategic plan for investment in infrastructure.

Infrastructure works included the design of the access road to the complex, a highway bridge of 46m in three spans and four buggy and pedestrian walkways up to 40m long.