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PnG taicang manufacturing campus; PnG taicang manufacturing campus;

Procter & Gamble Taicang manufacturing campus, Jiangsu

A manufacturing campus built to LEED certification standards.

This mega manufacturing campus built to LEED certification standards was developed from a vast Greenfield site of 700,000m² in the Yangtze River Delta. From inception to completion, it took only 18 months - unprecedented for a project of this scale.

To deliver the project of high standards on a very aggressive schedule, Arup offered a total solution concept to support P&G from site selection due diligence, through concept to construction design, commissioning and delivery.

A module building approach was designed to allow fast construction of a very complex pipe rack structure, which was specially designed to allow pre-installed pipe work in the factory and to facilitate construction.

Project Summary

700,000 GFA for this new distribution Centre

18 months fast track development

To cope with the soft ground conditions on a high water table, Arup designed a foundation system enabling the commencement of piling soon after site possession. A vacuum pre-loading technique was selected for ground condition treatment, achieving pre-settlement within three months.

The key challenge

The energy model was a key challenge to obtain LEED certifications. The process energy load of a manufacturing facility is significantly higher than a commercial building. Arup designed a series of sustainable systems to ensure low carbon manufacturing operations.

Among the three buildings on the campus, the administration building has achieved Gold certification while the haircare manufacturing facility has obtained Silver. The regional distribution centre is currently under the certification assessment.

Greening manufacturing operations

We also designed the overall water distribution systems based on customer strategies and design concepts, which help the plant achieve process water reuse. As a result, the haircare project has achieved the maximum LEED credits in relation to Water Efficiency and extra credits in Innovation in Design.

LEED Silver certification for the manufacturing facility is a hard-won achievement. Compared to a commercial building, its significantly high progress energy load made it a potential show-stopper. Through rigorous design optimisation, Arup designed cost-effective and high performance mechanical and electrical systems to maximise the energy saving of the building facility to made it possible.