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Wiemann Shipyard; Wiemann Shipyard;

Wiemann Shipyard, Brandenburg

Conversion of the historic Wiemann Shipyard into an event venue

For the 2015 Federal Garden Show, the historic Wiemann shipyard in Brandenburg an der Havel was converted into an event venue with a restaurant. Directly adjacent to it, a new administration complex for Brandenburg’s Municipal Works Department was built.

We have delivered multidisciplinary services including the design for the structures, building physics, fire prevention and sound insulation on both projects for the first phase.

The subsoil, not firm enough for the new building, posed a challenge. We worked on a solution consisting of full displacement piles which went into a deeper, firmer layer of soil. A concrete grating with a base plate was then cushioned on these piles. After this method, it was possible to realise the three-storey building as a reinforced concrete construction with tempered flat slab floors. 

On the new building, we also looked after the further phases up to the detailed design and site supervision.