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Zhubei Green Energy Intellectual Park, Zhubei

An ambitious plan turning a 13ha land in Zhubei city, into a showcase of green, smart urban living.

An ambitious plan is turning a 13ha land in Zhubei city, northern Taiwan, into a showcase of green, smart urban living.

Arup designed a sustainable development framework for the park, analysing the feasibility of various green features and devising management strategies.

We split the park into two zones, a zero carbon zone comprising villas and an education centre as well as a low carbon zone comprising a theatre, a green energy demonstration centre and research and development buildings.

Project Summary

13ha low-to-zero carbon development

50-60%carbon reduction targeted

Four pillar strategy

Both passive and active design has been adopted to reduce energy consumption. These include high insulation, natural ventilation and lighting, self-regulating air-conditioning, reuse of waste heat and hot water storage.

The strategy also encourages behavioural changes of end-users by introducing smart meters, utilities bill rebates, and regular maintenance of equipment and appliances.

Last but not least is the use of renewable energy, including photovoltaic, solar hot water, wind energy and biofuels.

Social well-being

With abundant public open space including a theme park, a theatre villas and urban farming, the park serves as an urban oasis and provides a platform to educate on sustainable living.