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Commercial Property

Arup helps redefine expectations of high quality urban living and working environments.

Arup helps redefine expectations of high quality urban living and working environments.

Better places to work

As a trusted partner in commercial property, Arup has helped redefine expectations of high quality urban living and working environments. Our work continues to evolve in response to the changing aspirations and challenges of developers, owners and occupants alike.

To lift the competitive performance of a building project, or to help it find funding in tough markets, Arup offers a powerful combination of advisory, design and technical services. Whether it’s mission-critical data centres, security-sensitive financial headquarters, or the latest co-working spaces, we help clients realise the incredible promise of digital technology in real estate.

Anticipate and adapt

As city populations grow in density worldwide, the way we use our buildings is changing. Property developers are seeking structurally efficient solutions that open up more usable floor space and draw greater potential from available land – as in super skyscrapers like China Guangzhou International Finance Centre.

Commercial developers continue to find multi-faceted value in mixed-use building projects that combine spaces for working, livingretailhotels and leisure.

Employers seeking office space are also looking for higher value. They want better environments that reflect the changing way we live and work, with real time digital insights ‘designed in’ from the start. Arup is leading this digital property era, producing responsive, intelligent workplaces such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Headquarters in Seattle and the White Collar Factory in London.

Hard-working assets

Virtual design is helping to redefine performance. In new design benchmarks such as BSkyB’s Harlequin 1 headquarters and the Citi Data Centre, Frankfurt, Arup’s use of building information modelling is realising advancements in whole-life operational efficiency, and in attractive, productive environments. At the operational level, our work for The Crown Estate uses digital tools and sensors to provide a previously impossible level of proactive asset management.

Properties such as 1 Bligh Street – Sydney’s first six-star Green Star high rise – are responding to the sustainability requirements of occupants and legislators, and the challenges of cities and climate change.

Facade of the citigroups' data center Facade of the citigroups' data center

New sustainable buildings may draw high-quality tenants, but existing buildings make up around 98% of urban building stock. Many quickly become inefficient to run or grow less competitive in their markets. Arup is meeting growing demand from property owners and operators for retrofit solutions that improve building performance in energy consumption and cost, water use and occupant comfort.

Building in context

A building’s location – the historic City of London, for example, or densely packed Hong Kong – may demand niche expertise. Arup’s building design specialists are trusted to rise to the toughest, most awkward challenges around the globe, including designing for seismic regions and high winds.

Increasingly, a building’s place in the urban fabric is also a consideration. For forward-thinking clients such as the Co-operative Group, which put its new Manchester headquarters at the heart of local renewal, we are now integrating buildings with surrounding amenities, transport, energy and water infrastructure.