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Arup defines residential schemes that offer a better quality of life for communities, genuine value for property developers and a sustainable future for buildings.

Our future homes

Arup works on residential schemes that offer a better quality of life for communities, genuine value for property developers and a sustainable future for residential buildings. In some places we must consider shrinking household size and growing demand for easy access to public transport, work and urban leisure. In others, changing demographics are driving new demand for high-quality housing.

Working with leading architects and developers, Arup plans, designs and engineers residential buildings of all types. These range from bespoke single dwellings to low-cost modular housing and high-rise towers.

Opus Hong Kong exterior view Opus Hong Kong exterior view

Residential designs

Arup recognises residential designs must reflect emerging behaviours and needs. We transfer the benefit of our in-house research to clients and communities. Today, home design must embrace sustainability from the start, something we realised for on the Zero Energy house at Samsung’s Green Tomorrow, Korea. Even in everyday applications, Arup’s expertise in building physics and building services allows us to design with exemplary energy performance in mind.

The new shape of living worldwide, the role of connected technologies within urban infrastructure is opening up new possibilities for connectivity and convenience in residential living. Arup’s UrbanLife report on ‘The Smart Solution for Cities’ explores how technology can also play a role in carbon reduction.

181 Fremont Tower 181 Fremont Tower

Arup’s masterplanners are contributing to better considered housing from the ground up. In new residential settlements, such as Konstantinovo North Village, Moscow, the fundamentals of comfortable living, security, good transport and infrastructure are key. Elsewhere, new priorities emerge, as in San Francisco where Arup helped plan Bay Meadows as a pedestrian-friendly, resource-efficient community. In Korea, Arup’s residential projects in New Songdo City and Yongsan International Business District are setting a new paradigm for smart living.

A global partner

Arup is a global network of skilled professionals, able to bring the value of proven ideas to any location. In Vietnam’s emerging quality housing market, for example, we redesigned Times Square tower to help its developer deliver high-standard serviced apartments at lower construction cost. In Brisbane, Australia, Arup’s structural and wind engineers ensured that the 488-apartment Aurora Tower copes with high winds despite its slender 219m profile and concrete frame.

In crowded cities, Arup has the ability to adapt existing building stock to meet changing needs. Our research specialists have helped policymakers to understand the technical options for retrofitting existing homes to cope with climate change. We are also skilled in sensitive refurbishments, as when creating luxury apartments alongside London’s heritage-listed St Pancras Renaissance Hotel.