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Our foresight expertise helps explore and shape the future.

Our foresight expertise helps explore and shape the future.

Arup’s foresight team operates both as an internal think-tank and as a consultant to clients from sectors including government, water, retail, hospitality, chemicals, and transport.

By monitoring and analysing the major trends affecting the built environment, we enable you to think more comprehensively about the future and to manage opportunities, risks and uncertainty.

We do this by understanding key drivers of change, exploring possible scenarios, and studying the implications of change on specific businesses, projects or contexts.

As a client, you can call on our foresight expertise to help you understand trends, explore new ideas, and identify future markets. For example, our Cities Alive report looks at how building nature into urban areas can help cities deal with the challenges ahead.

Our ‘foresight by design’ concept combines corporate foresight with Arup’s global engineering and consulting expertise to provide clients like Sydney Water with unique insights and strategies for the future of the built environment.

Facilitating the future

We use innovative design tools and techniques such as horizon scanning and innovation workshops to bring new ideas to life and to engage stakeholders in meaningful conversations about change. So whether you want to develop new and disruptive ideas, foster innovation or support new product development, we can help.

Want to understand how emerging technologies can benefit your business? Our foresight team prototypes technologies, designs real-time IT systems, curates exhibitions, visualises concepts and data, and produces three-dimensional spatial models that help organisations explore and develop new ideas.

Foresight consulting

You can access our foresight services through regional consultants around the world.

Wherever you’re based, we can help you look beyond your sector to explore new sources of inspiration and identify opportunities for future growth.

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