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Strategy and insights

With global experience and a powerful research base, Arup’s management consultancy team provides strategic advice and market insights for commercial clients in every sector.

With global experience and a powerful research base, Arup’s management consultancy team provides strategic advice and market insights for commercial clients in every sector.

Making change work for you

In today’s fast-moving business environment clients approach us to redefine their purpose or to take bold steps in a new direction. Transformation is driven by regulation redefining industries, technology disrupting the status quo, or users wanting new experiences. For others, a merger or acquisition is a chance to revisit their overall strategy. Some simply want to respond to tougher competition and improve their productivity. Whatever the challenge, we develop effective business strategies that are informed and supported by a wide range of technical, economic, and advisory expertise.

Responding to change, improving performance

We help leaders ensure that their vision and mission is achievable and on target. We conduct market and competitor analysis, defining approaches that will help them to stay ahead of market developments. We provide much-needed objectivity and offer leaders insights into the trends and issues that will shape their future operating environment.

Making change beneficial means knowing what to stop doing, what to start doing and what to accelerate. This requires a deep understanding of how a business works from top to bottom of its value chain and how it is performing. We are a world leader in supporting organisations through these processes, providing a deep understanding of deliverability and affordability, and the way things are done in our clients’ organisations.

Our advisory insights are underpinned by deep technical domain expertise in design and engineering of the built environment, the operation of safety critical assets and business change, as well as organisational development expertise.

Anticipate trends, take actions

Major global trends, from the explosion of digital technologies to the growing pressures of climate change, are reshaping the way businesses look at their future. What was profitable yesterday, might not be a viable business model tomorrow. New regulations might require a change of tactics. Advances in technology might open opportunities for growth or be a risk to established customer relationships. We help clients to explore new horizons and create value from emerging opportunities. We work across many sectors, including transport, water and energy, to ensure our clients’ organisations are resilient, relevant and profitable in the decades ahead.

Foresight, research and innovation

Without intelligence, success can be fleeting. Our Foresight, Research and Innovation team helps organisations navigate a successful path into the future. The team identifies, monitors and analyses trends that shape markets and offer potential for innovation and growth.

Our researchers map out and model plausible scenarios clients face, before collaborating with them to develop strategies that improve the adaptability and resilience of their organisations. Foresight helps clients in every sector to work out what’s possible, probable or preferable.

Change that counts

Arup develops business strategies that are tailored to the context of the client and market, while being informed by our deep and broad technical expertise. The challenges vary, from improving a city’s resilience to climate change, to future-proofing industries whose sectors are changing. But our approach is always forensic, joined-up and compelling. We look deep into the data and well beyond the current business horizon.


As the lead advisors on UK Government’s Hydrogen for Heat programme we are helping to determine hydrogen’s role in the future of heat in the energy system. Our work is considering safety, technical and regulatory feasibility, consumer acceptance, and affordability – all in a single strategy.

Let the data speak

Data is at heart of our approach. We consider the performance of our client’s organisation from the perspective of their people, assets, processes and business systems. We use data driven analyses and visualisation techniques to bring insight on business performance, to communicate change, engage end users and monitor the impact of new ways of working.

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We collaborate with specialist market research companies to design, capture and analyse customer data, from which we draw insights to provide strategic advice to our clients on ways to enhance their products and services and ways to create new customer experiences.

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You can access our Advisory Services through regional consultants around the world. Wherever you’re based, we can help you look beyond your sector to explore new sources of inspiration and identify opportunities for growth.

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Finance and economics

Finance and economics

Planning a major transaction or acquisition? Need a fresh perspective on the changing economics of your market or sector? We help clients to understand what’s driving their market, make sound investments and stay on top of the many related technical, commercial and operational issues they face.

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Programmes and projects

Programmes and projects

Our global programme and project managers have delivered some of the world’s most ambitious schemes, from new airport terminals to vital bridges. Our experienced team bring you insights from other sectors, and can help you achieve your goals with confidence.

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Assets and operations

Assets and operations

We help clients to develop effective asset strategies. Taking a new approach to your business’ assets can optimise your wider operations: from the level of service you can offer to the financial performance you achieve. Our approach ensures your existing assets and investments work harder, and smarter.

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People and organisations

People and organisations

At moments of business change, like major expansions, getting the right mix of people skills and knowledge right is pivotal to success. Our team are experts in behavioural change, business psychology and leadership techniques that can help an organisation to stay ahead. Find out how we can help your team develop the people and skills it needs.

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Sustainable futures

Sustainable futures

A successful organisation is always a sustainable one. We work with clients in every sector to discover what the future means for their operations, services and products, developing the roadmap to more efficient operations. We believe doing the right thing leads to better business.

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